Saturday, October 01, 2011

A Perfect Example

I just finished this painting for an art show. I thought I'd show the process from the thumbnail, to the rough, the clean-up drawing, and the final painting.


Melissa said...

well, I like it. And I think you're cool.

Brandon Miltgen said...


I love your piece and I would like to share it on my art & faith blog,

Can I get in touch with you via email to ask you a couple of questions about the piece? I can't find an address for you on your site. My email is Please drop me a line and thanks for your time :) -Brandon

Timothy J Lamb said...

perfect approach. love it.

Bruno Chekerdimian said...

Your artwork is gorgeous! Beautiful illustration!

Martin Pulido said...


Would it be possible to get a print of this art piece? My wife and I would love to put it in our son's room. We saw this piece at the competition gallery and have wanted to have a copy ever since! Contact me at martinpulido2 at gmail dot com if you are interested.