Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Freelance or Sleeping with the Trilobites?

This was a spot of freelance that came my way recently. They're illustrations that will be used to educate elementary school children. They didn't give me too many details about what was going on, but this is what I can gather. Let's begin now:

This is Gerry, Gerry is a geologist, but not a very good geologist.This is another geologist, his name is Gerry too. He's a better geologist than the other Gerry. This is Pam, she's a paleontologist, she's also Gerry's accomplice and the one who ordered Gerry to "push the button."Gerry has decided to carry out the job "the old fashioned way," by stoning the other Gerry. These are the stones and the tools that Gerry will need to get the job done.
This is the hole that the carcass will be thrown into. Notice, Gerry has also chosen a remote location that no one is likely to find.
The stiff goes in here.
This is what the inside of a hole looks like. Once you've hit bedrock, that's deep enough.
Here is a close up of fossils that you might find in the hole. Take them with you, you might be able to sell them. Boom! You've just increased your pay-off.
Well, it's done.
Here are a wide variety of stones that can be used to carry out lapidation.
If you'd like to make your own stone, there are three simple steps. It may take awhile, so you need to get started right away.
This is Pam. She pays Gerry off with a giant dog biscuit.
She swears she won't say a word.
The End.


REM-Brant said...

Wish I had a video of my face as I read this...the slow realization. "The stiff goes in here." Priceless! The illustrations look fabulous.

rngnt99 said...

great work love the colors!!!!

santino lascano said...

well done Andy. see you on SoCal soon.

Meridth Gimbel said...

These are fantastic as usual. Fantastic color palette. Beautiful design. I heart your stuff.

ps. what's this moving to SoCal stuff?

Kate Cummings said...

LOL! Next time you'll have to do the writing as well as the illustrating. Hilllarious.

Mark McDonnell said...

These are GREAT. It was nice meeting you today with the Sony crew.