Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another Sailor


Vanilla B said...

You seem to have a healthy infatuation with sailors.

Jedulous said...

you're the only one who updates his blog these days! These are good solid designs, Andy. Nice thought process stuff. ONe of the things i learned about character design is that it pays to do a lot of storyboard-like studies of the character's personality. These can be just squiggles the focus on how the character carries him/herself, and how that general body shape communicates that personality. I did little "skits" of several characters interacting before I ever started thinking about what shapes will make the character. So these studies of poses and actions are gold. If you have characters floating around in your head, it might be good to brainstorm some scenes, and then have them act them out in almost stick figure form. See how they carry themselves. How are they different? How is that visually portrayed? That's the main thing I learned here, and now I give it to you, free of charge.

Keep inspiring me, man!