Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rat • a • too • ee

This is long overdue, but on June 16 I had a chance to see a sneak peek of Ratatouille. Above is a little sketch I did of Remy. It doesn't do him justice, but he was fun to sketch.

I don't want to ruin it for the two, maybe three, people that read my blog, but the movie is absolutely amazing and beautiful. The story is superb, along the lines of Cyrano. Visually, it's wonderful both in its story telling and design. The characters are charming and the acting is superb. I like at the end of the credits where Pixar gives their 100% animation guarantee, no motion capture. I'm running out of adjectives so I'll just stop right here. Go see it!

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Jed said...

I talked to the people here about motion capture. All the real artists hate it. The exects just force them to use it so they can justify owning the equiment, i think. Also, I found out it costs just as much to go in and fix all the mo-cap errors as it does to just hire a bunch of animators. go fig.