Saturday, October 07, 2006

Too Slow Joe

Cruddy scan of a character I did for a class assignment. Good old gouache. I was driving up the canyon and saw this guy where they were doing road work. Of course he was the only one working.


Jedulous said...

andy. we should paint together some time. okay, what that means, i need you to teach me what i'm s'posed to do with the crazy stuff! This construction worker is pretty fun. I think a more interesting color for the background could help it pop a bit. you could just do a color select in photoshop and alter the color that way. just a suggestion.

excellent style study!

word up!


Mark Lynn Smith said...

Splizz splazz awesomely awesome! That drawing is so kraken! You really captured the Klatuu Nikto Barada! Keep it real peeps!